We lost the city

Berlin, Tempelhof.

The great God of Spin leaded us to the place of no return. We lost the city and found the light.Weird creatures moved in the fog like dandelion seed heads are spinning in the wind.Yellow and orange glowing objects kept flying steady in a cold breeze of the Northern Europe winter.

Human Bodies emerged in the rim of Tempels fog.Some stayed to watch the lonley knights of color, than they disappeared without footprints.The concrete has no mercy.

foghat-2 foghat-3 foghat-4 foghat-5 foghat-6 foghat-7 foghat-8 foghat-9 foghat-10 foghat-11 foghat-13 foghat-14 foghat-15 foghat-16 foghat-17 foghat-18 foghat-19 foghat-12 foghat-20 foghat-21 foghat-22 foghat-23 foghat-24 foghat-25 foghat-26 foghat-27 foghat-28 foghat-29 foghat-30 foghat-31 foghat-32 foghat-33 foghat-34 foghat-35 foghat-36 foghat-37 foghat-38 foghat-39 foghat-40 foghat-41
foghat-42 foghat-43 foghat-44 foghat-45 foghat-46 foghat-47

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