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Gathering charm

The normal life is returning.We will survive with the memories we still share.Love,friends,discs,wind,sunlight,beauty,music,fire,sausage,the art of movement,beers and water and all the things you keep in your mind.Sandslash will allways stay inside of us.Thanks for the light Debki.God bless Michal and Konrad.



We lost the city

Berlin, Tempelhof.

The great God of Spin leaded us to the place of no return. We lost the city and found the light.Weird creatures moved in the fog like dandelion seed heads are spinning in the wind.Yellow and orange glowing objects kept flying steady in a cold breeze of the Northern Europe winter.

Human Bodies emerged in the rim of Tempels fog.Some stayed to watch the lonley knights of color, than they disappeared without footprints.The concrete has no mercy.

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SifFA 2012

Super Hero Mutant Thomas

Iwa,Jerome,Thomas -Sequence Berlin Philharmonie

Rafael Paris-Disque Park in Bagnolet

first sequence Berlin-Thomas & Anton

UpsideDown Sequence Berlin-Iwa,Toby,Maddin

Wall Kick Catch - Thomas

catch it if you can-Jerome Berlin

Anton shot by 6co

Thomas shot by 6co

Stephan shot by 6co

Jan shot by 6co

We wish you a happy new year.

photo copyright at  Anton Capellmann,Stephan Stoll,SpinCollectif Paris

SIfFA Berlin 31.12.2012

Street Dogs

Experiemente,Experiemente…das Institut ist fleißig am forschen/The Institute is diligently  conducting research ..Playing Dogs are Doc.Wallride & Dipl.Disc NoZ