Getagged: Frisbeer Prague

Frisbeer Cup 2015


what a weekend!!!We had legendary joy at the Frisbeer Cup in Prague, again.Thanks to the Jamily, this was a true Pro Freestyle Tournament.

After some of us had the last shots in the Studio 54, I tumbled to the gym to take some final shots of the CoOp Finals and Sunday Jam.

Wait for Timelapse Clip by Here and Now Films.

Peace friends


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Frisbeer 2014

It’s been almost two years now that the SpinCollectif in Paris decided to contact us for a common project. Meanwhile, after several trips in Europe together, a very strong friendship is grown out of it. As many of you know we produced a lot of output regarding to disc-sport and especially the art of flying disc.
Last weekend Stephan Stoll, Sören Dietrich and Thomas Nötzel (SIfFA/SpinCollectif Berlin) matched up with Julien Menetrat (SpinCollectif Paris) to visit the biggest and funniest indoor freestyle competition of the planet (as far as I know):
We want to thank the whole Czech-Power-Crew for organization! You guys really rock!
Thanks a lot to all the players for world-class-freestyle, you made this event unforgetable!
Special thanks to Pilsener Urquell, Budvar and Gambrinus for making hydrating so tasteful!
Please enjoy the following photographs of Stephan Stoll and respect the copyright!
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Dipl.-Disc Thomas “NoZ” Nötzel
Städtisches Institut für Flugscheiben-Angelegenheiten